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Adventure Tour

Day 01 Airport to Negombo

Negombo Fish Market 

The Negombo Fish Market is interesting because it takes place right on the beach, fresh from fishing boats. Crowds of fishermen are seen untangling their fishing nets, playing with their kids, and stretching out miles of fish to dry in the sun on Negombo's shore.

It was a Sunday when we visited so the fish market was 'closed' since Negombo's predominant Catholic population goes to church on this day. The main gate was closed to show this, but it's a beach so you can just walk around it and wander around anyway. You'll see long blue sheds on the way to the shore where they store fishing baskets and the lot.

Day 02 Visit Wilpattu National Park & Stay in Anuradapura

Wilpattu sanctuary was decalred as a National Park in 1938, Wilpattu National Park is located on the west coast close to the historical city of Anuradhapura .The dry zone jungle is thickly grown. Wilpattu Natonal Park is home for many villus, or natural lakes which dot the landscape in the Wilpattu National Park. Except for two, These lakes contain rainwater, thus are important for resident and migratory water-birds.

The history of the park is also of interest with ancient ruins having been discovered in Wilpattu National Park. Queen named “Kuweni” (considered to be the mother of the Sinhala race) is said to have lived in the place known as Kalli Villu. Historical evidence also shows the fact that Prince Saliya, son of King Dutugemunu lived in Wilpattu over 2,000 years ago.

Day 03Anuradapura Sacredplace  

Anuradhapura -  Let us explore some of ancient Sri Lanka's rich cultural past with a visit to the city of Anuradhapura. The city of Anuradhapura was built in the 4th Century BE and not only was it the first capital of ancient Sri Lanka but also the greatest, most important and extensive of Sri Lanka's ancient cities. The monuments and ruins stand testimony to the rich cultural heritage with stupendous sculptures and giant statues of Lord Buddha carved in and around the buildings along with many other sculptures depicting various court scenes, people and animals like the giant seven hooded cobra with flared hood as seen on the walls of the Jethavana Stupa.

Day 04 Anuradapura to Habarana

Habarana - After immersing yourself in the history of Sri Lanka and marvelling at the amazing engineering and artistic wonders of the ancient world, let us now go visitHabarana. Habarana is in situated the heart of the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka and is the centre point from which guests could explore the glorious past and the historical places of Sri Lanka. Closely located to the Minneriya and Kaudulla National Parks which are the transit points to hundreds of Asian elephants and other wildlife during the dry season. The village life is quite simple and revolves around family and friends while agriculture and tourism are the main industries. Habarana provides peace and tranquillity to observe the wildlife and all the myriad facets of communing with Mother Nature.

Day 06 Kandy to Nuwaraeliya 

Tea Plantations - Now that you have reached the hill country area of Sri Lanka, the next activity in your to do list has to include a tour of the tea plantations. In the 1800s, coffee plantations were the main profit earning industry but during the 1870s, a fungal disease gripped the coffee plantations all over Sri Lanka and wiped out the entire industry in one blow thereby giving way for tea plantation to take root. In 1867, a British planter named James Taylor introduced tea production and after the coffee blight, it was discovered that tea leaves were more resilient and better suited to the climate of the hill country. Since then, tea leaf production and development continues to grow as Sri Lanka is now the world's fourth (4th) largest producer of tea and is the tea industry is one of the main sources of foreign exchange. You can take a leisurely tour around the living history of Sri Lanka and marvel at the fact that the plantations that you walk through now have been there for hundreds of years.

Day 05 visit sigiriya & proceed to kandy

Sigiriya Lion Rock - The day will start with a trip to the Sigiriya Lion Rock. Sigiriya is labelled as the Eighth Wonder of The World and is located in the Central Province of Sri Lanka. Sigiriya, labelled as the Eighth Wonder of the World, is the best preserved city centre in Asia from the 1st millennium and the best known monument here is undoubtedly the rock fortress of Sigiriya also known as the Sigiriya Lion Rock. The complex consists of the central rock, rising 200 meters above the surrounding plain, surrounded by two moats and three ramparts. With its combination of buildings and gardens, pathways, water gardens and the fusion of symmetrical and asymmetrical elements, it displays the grandeur and complexity of urban-planning in 5th century Sri Lanka.

Day 08 Nuwaraeliya to yala

The park is famous for its high density of leopards, perhaps the highest in the world. You are also sure to see elephants – grumpy loan males during the dry months and large herds in the wet season. Sloth bears are also a big draw. You will also see mammal such as wild boars, several species of deer and wild buffalo. There is a plethora of reptilian species and platoons of crocodiles. As is common in Sri Lanka there is a huge diversity of stunning birdlife including migratory species such as the flamingo. It is also one of the few places in the world where the severely endangered black necked stork can till be seen. The uniqueness of the park is the sheer diversity of the habitat: dense jungles suddenly gives way to lagoons and open plain areas and the park has a simply beautiful sea front. Huge, stark boulders dominate the horizon and the elegant, languorous leopard can often be seen basking atop the sun baked rock.

Day 07 Proceed to Horton Plains  

Horton Plains National Park is a protected area in the central highlands of Sri Lanka and is covered by montane grassland and cloud forest. This plateau at an altitude of 2,100–2,300 metres (6,900–7,500 ft) is rich in biodiversity and many species found here are endemic to the region. This region was designated a national park in 1988.

Day 10 Transfer to airport
Day 09 Yala to Benthota  

Bentota is a tourist attraction, with  a handful of world-class hotels. It is a destination for water sports. Bentota also delivers an ancient art of healing called Ayurveda. Bentota is famous for toddy production, an alcoholic beverage made out of coconut nectar. It also has a turtle hatchery, located on Induruwa beach.

Animals in SriLanka

Leopards in Sri Lanka

Leopards in Sri Lanka

Elephants in Sri Lanka

Elephants in Sri Lanka

Bear in Sri Lanka

Bear in Sri Lanka


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